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About Ecotek Water

Your body deserves a new level of health – join the ‘journey with water’ and allow Kangen® Water to help take you there Kangen Water® – anti-oxidant, superhydrating, alkaline, free electron water.

Change your water and improve your health

Discover the amazing benefits of Kangen Water®.

Why are Enagic® the very best in Water Purification Technology?

Nearly fourty years of experience in the manufacture of high quality Water Technology

Enagic® are not merely an assembly plant, Enagic® manufacture every component in-house and one technician assembles all of the parts from start to finish – Total Quality Control

The SD501 system is supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty – the longest warranty available in the market today.

Enagic® has been awarded numerous ISO Certificatins including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for environmentally friendly products as well as for its rigerous quality materials and construction, and also awarded ISO 13485:2003. This award relates to the Management System Standards of the Design and Manufature of Electrolysis Water Generators for MEDICAL and General use.

The ‘electrolytic Chamber’

Considered the very best in the industry

Highest power output to chamber Largest surface area available

Pure grade Titanium and Platinum Solid plates and not mesh

Complete range of pH settings making 7 levels of pH water available at a push of a button, from 2.5pH to 11.5pH


The Enagic® Company through its distributors has sold over 500,000 Water Ionisers in Japan, and now over 700,000 Water Ionisers through their expanding International Network of Distributors.

In Japan, over 100 hospitals use ‘Kangen Water®’ to treat their patients, and are currently the only Manufacturer who are fully endorsed and approved in the country of manufacture.

Ecotek Limited is proud to be one of the first International Distributors for the Enagic® Company in the U.K. and Europe with dynamic teams of Distributors within North America, Australia and the Asia basin. Ecotek Limited is proud to supply Enagic’s Market leading technology on a ‘Business to Customer’ as well as ‘Business to Business’ basis

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